Below are links to publications relevant to development on Green Belt Land

Environmental and Green Belt

Landscape Architects Association (LAA) “The Metropolitan Green Belt and sustainable landscape planning for a greener 21st century London”; published 11 January 2016
Campaign for Rural England (CPRE) "When Exceptional Circumstances are not Exceptional"; published 30 March 2017
Kent Wildlife Trust "Campaigns - Planning and Development"; published 6 March 2018
CPRE "Green Belt Being Eroded"; published 6 August 2018
CPRE Kent "Sevenoaks District Council Draft Local Plan Briefing and Observations"; published 22 August 2018
Simonicity “Green Belt News: Two Court of Appeal Rulings” Inappropriate Development and Exceptional Circumstances; published September 2018
PBA “Exceptional Circumstances for Releasing Land from the Green Belt”; published June 2018
CPRE “Sevenoaks: the sites that could be taking a housing hit”; a response to the SDC Planning Advisory Committee recommendations; published 26 November 2018
CPRE “Setting Up the Planning System to Fail”; Analysis of Government Housing Policy; published 1 May 2019
Friends of the Earth Innovation Team “A Wildly Different Vision, Greening the Green Belt”; published 12 June 2019
Kent Wildlife Trust raising funds to Purchase Pilots Wood (Polhill); fundraising deadline 31 August 2019

Press Releases and News Articles

General National Press Releases and News Articles Relating to Development on Green Belt Land

Daily Mail "To Arms, Nimbys!"; published 25 March 2018
Huffington Post "Building on the Green Belt is not a Solution to the Housing Crisis"; published 5 April 2018
Property Wire "New Powers for Councils to Deliver New Towns and Garden Communities in England"; published 5 June 2018
Sky "Green Belt Being Gobbled Up by Unaffordable Homes"; published 6 August 2018
Daily Telegraph "Government £200m Brownfields Building Fund Falls Flat", published 19 August 2018
Daily Telegraph “England's Green Belt suffers biggest reduction in eight years as councils remove protections to build houses”, published 4 October 2018
Leeds City Council “Government inspectors support council plans for green belt housing protection in Leeds”; published 5 October 2018
The Big Issue “A land banking scandal is controlling the future of British housing”; published 8 October 2018
The Guardian “Developers hog land for record 130,000 homes”; published 25 October 2018
The Times “Damage Levy lets builders use woodland”; published 3 December 2018. DEFRA is currently conducting a public consultation on “Net Gain”. Go to our “Have Your Say” page for more details.

Local Press Releases and News Articles Relating to Local Development Proposals

Kent Messenger Group "Council Planners Back Controversial Plans"; published 2 September 2015 (Fort Halstead)
Kent Messenger Group "Council Confirms Sevenoaks Golf Club Put Forward for New Housing"; published 14 November 2017 (Broke Hill)
Kent Messenger Group "Sevenoaks Council Bosses Tell London Mayor Hands Off Our Green Belt"; published 6 March 2018
Kent Messenger Group "The Changing Face of Sevenoaks"; published 14 March 2018
Kent Messenger Group "A Garden Village of 1,000 Homes between Sevenoaks and Orpington has Moved a Step Closer"; published 19 March 2018 (HGBFG attends a Planning Committee Meeting at Sevenoaks District Council Offices)
Sir Michael Fallon “Housing Targets”; published 18 June 2018, including letter to Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government - 16 May 2018
Kent Messenger Group "A New, 2,500 Home Town is Among 79 Sites Put Forward for Development in the Sevenoaks District" published 12 June 2018 (Pedham Place)
Kent Messenger Group "Backlash at Plan to Build Thousands of New Homes on Green Belt Land in Sevenoaks"; published 25 June 2018
Kent Messenger Group "Sevenoaks Rugby Club Comes Under Fire after Agreeing to Support the Broke Hill Development in Return for Investment"; published 15 August 2018
Sevenoaks Rugby Club Notice to Club Members - Response to Kent Messenger Article of 15 Aug; published 21 August 2018
Kent Messenger Group "Latest bricks and concrete spectre a far cry from 1945 green belt vision" by Bob Ogley; published 30 August 2018
Kent Messenger Group “Rugby Club Accused of Unfair Play over Development Plans”; published 13 September 2018
Kent Messenger Group “Villagers threaten legal action over plan for hundreds of homes on Sevenoaks's border”; published 9 October 2018
Kent Messenger Group “Green belt protesters plan to march on town hall dressed as the Railway Children”; published 31 October 2018
KentLive “Protesters dressed up as characters from the Railway Children to fight plans for hundreds of homes on green belt land between Sevenoaks and Bromley”; published 12 November 2018
KentLive “Relief over Green Belt battle as controversial sites are ruled out of Sevenoaks' Local Plan”; published 21 November 2018
KentLive “Controversial Developer Mark Quinn says Broke Hill will never re-open for golf”; published 6 February 2019
KentLive “Quinn Estates sack employee after Ashford council investigates comments on planning application for 750 homes”; published 22 March 2019

Sevenoaks District Council and KCC Publications

SDC “Keeping a ‘Country Eye’ on Criminals”; Extract from In Shape issue 108 - Autumn 2018

Other Relevant Publications Concerning Local Authorities, Developers, Stakeholders etc. "Council Leader says Senior Officers Acted Inappropriately"; published 13 March 2018
Shepway Vox "Sellinge Y16/1122/SH - Quinn Estates and the Bucknell Trust"; published 2 April 2018
Tandridge District Council “Get the Facts - Tandridge Local Plan”; July 2018
BBC Young Couples Trapped in Car Dependency; published 24 October 2018

Kent Messenger Group “Southeastern will stop trains calling at these 28 stations if too many leaves fall on the line”; published 2 October 2018
Yes, Knockholt is one of those stations and it’s a long walk to Chelsfield or from Sevenoaks!


HGBF Group Newsletters

NEW 19. Halstead Green Belt Manifesto update, SDC Local Plan, Public Rights of Way
18. Halstead Green Belt Manifesto, Knepp Estate and SDC Local Plan
17. Next meeting re Green Belt Manifesto, visit to Knepp Estate
16. Regulation 19, Broke Hill PRoWs, Halstead Neighbourhood Plan, Parish Council Elections, Neighbourhood Watch - 12 March 2019
15. Regulation 19, Broke Hill, Fort Halstead, Halstead Neighbourhood Plan - 18 February 2019
14. Final Local Plan - Consultation Meetings - 8 January 2019
13. Regulation 19, Bank Account - 21 December 2018
12. Have Your Say - 4 December 2018
11. Important Dates and Outcome of Protest March and SDC Local Plan Consultation - 20 November 2018
10. Protest March including Itinerary - 5 November 2018
9. Protest March and other Key Dates - 30 October 2018
8. Knockholt Station Demonstration - 25 October 2018 ***POSTPONED***
7. Review of SDC Draft Local Plan Consultation - 11 Oct 2018
6. Final Days to Object - 8 Sep 2018
5. Halstead Green Belt - 30 Aug 2018
4. Objection Letters - 23 Aug 2018
3. Letter Writing - 17 Aug 2018
2. Broke Hill Consultations - 6 Aug 2018
1. HGBF Thanks Note - 11 Jun 2018


Useful Contacts and Links

Owner of Fort Halstead: Merseyside Pension Fund, (its property portfolio values the land at £51.5m)

Owner of Broke Hill: Quinn Estates,; 01227 831212;

To report disturbance / nuisance at Broke Hill:
                 Call 101 or the new security company, Prestige Guardians, 01622 878306
                 Kent Police, PC Marc Pennicott, and
                                     PC Nick Lingham,
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