Sevenoaks Council Approves Proposed Submission of Local Plan - 26 March 2019

3565 District-wide comments were submitted in Regulation 19 (comments to the Government Planning Inspector) in response to the SDC Planning Advisory Committee’s decision and Cabinet approval of the Regulation 18 (Draft Local Plan) Consultation in November 2018.

On 26 March 2019, the Council approved the Proposed Submission Version of the Local Plan. The comments will be passed directly to the Planning Inspector and considered before the examination.

The Planning Inspector will take the final decision to approve the Local Plan at a public examination in Sevenoaks, most likely in the autumn.

Regulation 19 Comments

Sevenoaks District Council is currently uploading on to their website all the comments for Regulation 19 (the Final Local Plan) for submission to the Planning Inspector. Comments are still being uploaded so, if you don't see yours there yet, try again after a few days. So far, there are over 1600 comments relating to all sites in SDC.

You can search in chronological order on comment date, type (i.e. Policy number, e.g. ST1, ST2 etc) or respondent or choose a response number / Comment ID (LPSxxxx) or any comment containing a particular word string (e.g. Fort Halstead or Broke Hill).

Click to view the comments

SDC Regulation 19 Forms

SDC has produced a form for anyone to respond to Regulation 19 (the Final Local Plan) which can be downloaded from SDC website. If you would like further advice on the form, or suggestions for completing the form, or would like a hard copy, please email

HGBF Group Public Meeting, 22 January 2019

HGBF Group will hold its next public meeting on Tuesday 22 January 2019, at 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Halstead Community Primary School, Otford Lane TN14 7EA.

Latest information on the proposals for Halstead, including the Final Local Plan (Regulation 19).

SDC Cabinet Decides on Planning Advisory Committee's Recommendations

The SDC Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) met on 22 November 2018 and recommended which proposals to be retained and which should be dropped from the Local Plan. The SDC Cabinet adopted the recommendations of the SDC PAC at their meeting on 6 December. The final Consultation will run from 18 December to 3 February 2019. Please submit your representation to this consultation which will go directly to the Inspector. We shall provide more information when we have it.