GREEN BELT 'LAND PARCEL 76' - it's where we live!

Sevenoaks District Council appointed ARUP, a renown UK environmental consultancy, to undertake an assessment of the importance of various parts of Sevenoaks District as regards the fulfillment of the purposes of the Green Belt.

In order to do this, ARUP divided the district into 100 ‘Green Belt Parcels’, as shown on the map below. These land parcels are defined by permanent man-made and natural features, such as motorways, main roads, railway lines, rivers, established woodland and existing development.

RD-105 p26.JPG

Land Parcel 76 is shown in more detail below. This land parcel incorporates the whole of the Parish of Halstead. The boundaries of the land parcel on the north and east correspond more or less exactly with the parish boundaries. To the south and the west, however, the boundary to Land Parcel 76 follow permanent features that lie outside of the Parish of Halstead – to the west, the road 'Rushmore Hill', and to the south, the base of the North Downs escarpment.


The map below shows how Land Parcel 76 envelops the Parish of Halstead whilst overlapping into four adjacent parishes, namely:

To the west                            The Parish of Knockholt
To the south west                  The Parish of Chevening
To the south                           The Parish of Dunton Green
To the east                              The Parish of Badgers Mount

There are therefore five parishes with shared interest in the land management of this Green Belt Parcel.

RD-02 land parcel 76 with parish boundaries.JPG