How well do you know your parish?

Here we have a map of Sevenoaks District Council, showing what the council call ‘Placemaking Areas’ probably know them as parishes.

In amongst them is the Parish of Halstead, made a bit more visible in the following  enlargement of the map..

RD-107 cropped.JPG

Here we have the Halstead Parish Map, showing how we were in 2004, followed by enlargement of the village itself and its Conservation Area.

RD-90 p28.JPG
RD-90 p24.JPG


To learn more about the Halstead Conservation Area, download a copy of the Conservation Area Appraisal, as published in December 2003. Hopefully the village has only improved since then.

A copy can be obtained by writing to

RD-89 p1.JPG

To learn more about the Village and its history, download a copy of the Village Design Statement. This was prepared in 2002 by a group of residents to promote an understanding of the character and qualities of the village, and to provide guidelines for any change or development that might be proposed.  The statement was adopted by Sevenoaks District Council in 2006 as a Material Planning Guidance.

RD-90 p1.JPG