Views and reviews of green belt policies

Here are two reports on Green Belt policy, prepared by authoritative organisations.

The Green Belt: A Place for Londoners was released by London First in February 2015, and makes a strong plea for the release of land within the Green Belts of outer-London Boroughs for residential development.  As such, this plea is not directed at district councils that lie beyond the London boroughs, but the message will inevitably be heard by a wider audience.

A copy can be accessed in our members’ Reference Library, or downloaded from the following link:

RD-112 p1.JPG

Briefing Paper no 00934 ‘Green Belt’ was released by the House of Commons Library in November 2017, and like all House of Commons Library publications provides a totally unbiased, frank and informative introduction to the convoluted process that we call ‘Government’.  This is well worth a read, if only to appreciate the twists and turns of political debate.

RD-114 p1.JPG

A copy can be  accessed in our members’ Reference Library by contacting , or downloaded from the following link: