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Halstead Green Belt Future Group is an independent community group established to develop and communicate initiatives that will conserve the green-belt, provide appropriate environmental managements and facilitate public access and enjoyment.

HGBF draws its membership from the local community and the wider public, as well as from academic, professional, governmental and non-governmental organisations who want to see a successful and appropriate future for the village and for the surrounding green belt countryside.


1. Register as a member
If you would like to receive newsletters, updates, invitations to meetings, and access our online library of reference documents, register with us by writing to: 

When applying, it will be appreciated if you can provide a few personal details, namely:
i.  your full name,
ii. names of any family members who would like to be registered
iii. home address
iv. preferred contact telephone number (optional).

Please feel free to provide additional personal email addresses for family members if you would like them to receive direct communication.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, by registering as a member of the Halstead Green Belt Future Group, you consent to receiving information by post or email.  Your personal details will not be shared and will only be used for this campaign to preserve Halstead's Green Belt

2. Keep in touch
If you would like to bring any matters to our attention and, more particularly, keep us informed of any correspondence that you have with government and non-governmental organisations, write to us at:

3. Photographs for our website Gallery
If you have photographs showing your favourite places in the Green Belt, including leisure activities, forward your photograph (with a brief caption) to:

4.  Update and improve our reference library
If you have copies of any reports, studies or other reference documents that you think might be of interest to our membership, forward a copy to:

5. Participate in our opinion poll
If you would like let us have your opinions on any matter relating to the management and use of  the Green Belt countryside, or join in with one of our monthly opinion-poll activities, write to:

6. Our postal address
Halstead Green Belt Future Group
c/o Halstead Village Post Office
Hancocks, Knockholt Road, Halstead, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7EU

7. Join the discussion on Facebook
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