The Green Belt

Where do we go from here?

HALSTEAD GREEN BELT FUTURE GROUP was established in February 2018 to resist the over-development of Halstead village, to check against unrestricted sprawl of large built-up areas, to prevent neighbouring towns merging into one another and to assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment.

This was in response to nine development proposals being included in Sevenoaks District Draft Local Plan. The Consultation period of the Draft Local Plan ran from July to September 2018. If all the proposals proceeded to the next stage of the Local Plan, the result could be a total of nearly 2,000 dwellings added to our village, which currently has only about 750 dwellings. This over-development would see Halstead swamped by new homes, losing its character and identity. It would effectively join Halstead with Knockholt, Pratts Bottom and Badgers Mount in a sprawl right on the boundary with Greater London.

Some of the proposed developments are on Green Belt land to which this group is vehemently opposed.

Our campaign is to insist on proportionate development for our village (which would consist of fewer than 250 dwellings in total, not 2,000) and resist at least the two over-development proposals at Fort Halstead and Broke Hill which, together, if developed, would alone result in a total of 1,550 additional dwellings within our Parish, tripling the size of our village.


  • provide up to date news, resources and information on proposed developments and the effects they will have on the surrounding villages

  • campaign proactively to preserve Halstead’s Green Belt

  • encourage and enable the local community to have a say in Halstead’s future


Our campaign is to save not only our own Green Belt land and village community, but also to link up and join forces with local and national like-minded campaign groups.

We need to raise funds to run our campaign, publicise our cause and also should legal representation be required. We invite volunteers to organise fund-raising events such as a Quiz Night, a Lottery, a Guest Speaker Evening.  Our website and/or newsletters could be sponsored and/or include advertising.  If you can help, please email our committee and you will be put in touch with the relevant people.

You can donate to the Halstead Green Belt Future Group:

  • by cheque made payable to Halstead Green Belt Future Group, sent to c/o Halstead Village Post Office, Hancocks, Knockholt Road, Halstead  TN14 7EU

  • by bank transfer: Account Name: Halstead Green Belt Future Group; Sort Code: 60-03-30; Account Number: 79898777

Thank you!